Hey Sticky Password Folks and Testers!

Thanks to you, we have successfuly released the Sticky Password 7 for Windows and Android platforms and now the time has come for you to experience the brand new Sticky Password 7 for iOS which is about to be in Beta! We would like to invite you to our Beta testing of the new product and ask you for your time to play with new features we have prepared for you on the iOS platform.

What’s New in Sticky Password 7?

Most importantly the new Sticky Password has the ability to take your secure data through the cloud onto other mobile or PC devices. In more detail, in our Beta you can find these new features and supported platforms:

  • Online synchronization and backup.
  • Mobile version for Android (already released!).
  • Mobile version for iOS (iPhone, iPad) - will be ready in a couple of days.
  • Brand new database rewritten - from scratch (not visible to the naked eye, but speed, response time - very important to test thoroughly).
  • Improved user interface with new design.
  • And tons of other improvements (we do not want to make this text too long ...).

What Will You Get for the Testing?

We perform thorough testing on the software in our development labs, but it isn’t possible to simulate all of the real life situations from users from around the world. Thats where you come in!

To make the offer even more irresistible we appreciate your help and offer great prizes. Test and provide as much feedback as possible at https://stickypassword.uservoice.com. We will then select the most active contributors. In case of larger number of very active Beta testers, we will do a simple drawing between the best! The winners will be notified by email when Beta ends (which will be probably in a two weeks or so).

  • All active testers will get 1 year license of Sticky Password 7 for FREE.
  • Top 10 most active testers with the most valuable feedback will win one of the three $50 Amazon Vouchers, our branded T-Shirts, Caps, Mugs and others with great design made specially for Beta testers. You will be able to select your own size and design through zazzle.com/stickypassword.

How to Test?


If you are already using Sticky Password version for Windows, we strongly recommend that you perform a backup of your current Sticky Password database before installing the Beta version of Sticky Password for iOS!

We recommend it just in case - it is a Beta after all. You can find the location of the database file in the Database tab in the Sticky Password for Windows' Settings menu.


Choose the version you would like to test from the table below:

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Follow these steps for iPhones and/or iPads:

Once the iOS version will be ready for public BETA we will send you an email invitation to our HockeyApp portal. As we process the invitations manually, it could take a couple of hours, but you will get the invite ASAP. Please follow the instructions in the HockeyApp invitation e-mail and:

  • Create a tester's account (it's free!) using the "Show invitation" button in the e-mail.
  • Register your mobile device using the link "Register your device" in the invitation e-mail (you will need to open the email on your mobile device). This will install HockeyApp (our reliable technology partners for easy and secure distribution of builds and crash-reports collection) application on your mobile device.
  • After creating of the tester's account and registering your mobile device you'll be notified via e-mail whenever a new version becomes available.
  • All new versions will be then available for download and installation via the mobile HockeyApp application

We recommend to always uninstall the older mobile version before you choose to replace it with a newer version!

Windows & Android (already released)

These two versions have already been publicly released!

However, if you prefer (and we would welcome you to do so) to test the iOS version in cross-platfrom environment (meaning together with a Windows and/or Android version so that you can test the synchronization among different platforms) please feel free to download the already publicly released versions here:

Sticky Password for WINDOWS
Build | 11.9 MB

Sticky Password for ANDROID
Available through Google Play store (it's FREE)

Test & Provide Feedback via UserVoice

  • Try synchronization between devices – connect to the same StickyAccount from several devices and add/modify/delete any data. The result should be the same on all devices (for Windows - check that the status is green and Connected at the bottom left in the main GUI).
  • Play with the options in the on-line StickyAccount: www.stickypassword.com/stickyportal.
  • Check anything you can think of – lot of the code has been replaced so even the basic features working fine in Sticky Password 6 need to be tested.
  • Provide your feedback, check for hints and known issues and see what other testers say via our betaportal on UserVoice: https://stickypassword.uservoice.com.