Other Browsers on ipad

Other Browsers on ipad

Postby hetherp » Wed May 02, 2012 3:26 am

Hi, I have several questions.

1. Your FAQ says the iphone version does not work on Safari. Does it work on any other browsers I could install on my ipad? I don't like using the iphone sized window with the built-in browser on the ipad so am looking for a better solution. I know I can copy and paste the passwords into Safari.
2. If not, are there plans to integrate with any other browsers that will run on the ipad?
3. Also, are there any plans to have the auto-fill working on the ipad?
4. Are there any plans to allow saving new passwords on the ipad database and syncing back to the PC database?
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Re: Other Browsers on ipad

Postby petr.pinkas » Thu May 03, 2012 3:27 pm


No, you can only use the our internal browser as it is not possible to integrate it to another one yet. Maybe in the future if Apple will allow this. Actually we are working on the iPad version now, so you will get better app soon.
Right now the application is read only on iOS, but in the future we will introduce synchronization, so it will be possible to add accounts also in the iPad.

Thanks for understanding.
Petr Pinkas
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