Sticky Password Identities give you 1-click form filling and quick checkout whenever you shop online. Having to type your personal info like your name and address and credit card details every time you sign up on a website or checkout online takes time and can result in mistakes that mean even more retyping.


Sticky Password removes the hassle of online forms. By creating and using Sticky Password Identities, your personal data is just a mouse click away: quickly accessible, accurate and secure.

Creating an Identity

The next time you fill out an online form, Sticky Password will prompt you to save the information you’ve entered as an Identity. If there’s a Password field in the form, the password generator bubble will appear when you click in the Password field.
Click Generate password to create a strong password. Sticky Password will create it for you, and insert the password in the Password and Reenter Password field.

Tip: When you click Advanced options, you’ll be able to set the password length and other settings. Click Generate password to let Sticky Password insert the password in the Password and Reenter Password fields.
2-blog-1click-form-filling-with-identities-step2-password-generator-advancedOnce you’ve completed the online form, submit it as you normally would.

4-blog-1click-form-filling-with-identities-step4-submit-form If there’s a Password field in the form like the example above, Sticky Password will prompt you to save a new Web Account. Click Add.
5-blog-1click-form-filling-with-identities-step5-add-new-accountThe next time you visit this website’s login page, Sticky Password will log you in.

Save your new Identity

Sticky Password will prompt you to save your new Identity. Before saving the Identity, you can edit the Identity name under which it will be saved, as well as the other fields in the form like first name, middle name, last name, address, phone, etc. Click Add.
6-blog-1click-form-filling-with-identities-step6-add-new-identityYour first Identity is now stored in the Sticky Password database and ready to use.

Launch your Identity

From now on, whenever you want to fill in a web form, simply click anywhere in the input field of the registration form and a menu with your list of saved Identities will appear. Select the Identity you’d like to use and let Sticky Password fill out the form for you.
7-blog-1click-form-filling-with-identities-step7-select-your-identityCongratulations, you’ve automatically filled-in your first web form!

Edit your Identity

You don’t have to be a secret agent to have more than one Identity. I’ve been asked why someone would need multiple Sticky Password Identities. There are lots of reasons to have more than one. You might have one for your home and one for work, or one for each of your credit cards, or if you have a home address and a Post Office Box address. I’m sure you have additional reasons of your own.

Your Identity can be edited at any time. Right click the Sticky Password icon in the Taskbar (lower right corner of your monitor) and select Open Sticky Password.


Click Identities. Here you can see all your Identities. Select the Identity that you want to modify and click Edit.


Now you can add, edit or delete the autofill information that will be used for this Identity. After you’ve made any changes, don’t forget to click Save.