Motorola's Password Pill

We know from The Matrix that taking the blue pill allows us to remain ignorant of reality, while the red pill gives us reality – often painful and unpleasant.

What about the pink pill? Well, that would be the pill that activates your inner password. Simply mix with gastric juices to trigger ‘your insides’ to begin transmitting an EKG-like signal. The ultimate biometric: you.

‘Take two of these and call me in the morning,’ now takes on a new meaning. Take a pill to check your email, do some online banking – you name it.

If this were a science fiction movie, we can be pretty sure that key passwords persons of interest would be stolen kidnapped by the bad guys in order to gain access to the coolest and most advanced safe in the world. So much easier than trying to force someone to give up his password, simply drag the tied-up password carrier in front of the receptor and voilà, you’re in.

The pills aren’t available yet, but that is what Motorola is working on. In fact, they are so far along that – according to the video – the little pink pill has already been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The average time for a drug to get approved by the FDA is 12 years. Has Motorola or DARPA been working on this for the last decade, or did they get some sort of fast track?

We’re told that the pills are ‘medically safe’ and that a real live person could safely take up to 30 pills a day. [30 pills a day!]

All of which raises questions like:

How long does the password effect last?

Are the pink cuties addictive?

Is our signal stronger if we take that daily dose of 30 pills at once?

When you get a group of ‘transmitting’ people in a room at the same time, will their signals interfere with each other?

What happens when we run out of pills? Are we locked out of our accounts?