Android Security

Android Security

Android data security recently received an upgrade that allows for remote password protection. According to Computer World, it is now possible for users whose mobile devices have been compromised to update the password or pin by utilizing an Internet-based Google form.

The Lock command, accessible from any laptop or tablet with a connection to the net, will connect to the misplaced or stolen device and replace the security code with a new pin.

Securing the Android

Another service, hosted by Google and called the Android Device Manager, allows the user to track misplaced devices from the same online interface that the contains the Lock command. Android Authority reported that by first activating the feature on the smartphone, it becomes possible to remotely utilize the device’s built-in GPS system to locate the device on a map that is displayed on the user’s screen.

Additionally, if the tracking feature is not working, the device manager can be programmed to force the device to ring at max volume for up to five minutes, allowing the user an opportunity to track it down.

If the data has become otherwise compromised beyond recovery, Google created a feature that will erase the phone completely.

The password, however, is the quickest and safest method of securing the Android device, according to Computer World. One of the benefits of the remote password activation feature is the ability to leave the smartphone unsecured when the device is safely in the user’s possession and to only activate the passcode security when it has been misplaced or stolen.

The news source reported that in order to effectively prepare the device for this method of password management, it is crucial that the feature is activated on the device before it is stolen. Otherwise, this strategy is impossible to enact, and the Android will remain an open book for prying eyes.