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5 things we can all do to make every day a Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day, observed on February 6, is a call for each of us to do our part in creating a safer online environment for ourselves and others. This year’s theme, “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you,” is a reminder that even simple actions can have a large positive impact. […]

Protecting Your Castle: Home Automation and Password Security

There are few things more convenient than an automated home. In addition to keeping a property safe, it simplifies everyone’s routine so residents can get more done. But hackers have noticed just how much there is to be gained from corrupting a home automation system, and it’s prompted them to devote their time to figuring out […]

The Importance of Protecting Your Identity

You’re taking all the right steps to keep your passwords from falling into the wrong hands. Great! But are you putting the same effort into protecting your identity? Your risk of identity theft can vary, depending on variables that may not even occur to you like which state you reside in to where you park […]

Multi-Factor Authentication and Office 365

Today’s cybercriminals employ sophisticated and complex attack vectors to penetrate the security (often meager security) that we erect in hopes of protecting ourselves, and our data, from their nefarious hands.  And, be honest, you know that your security measures can be a bit more secure. In the not too distant past, requests and warnings from […]

Stay Safe When Using Public Wi-Fi

It’s tempting, isn’t it? You’re sitting in a coffee shop, on a train or in a shopping mall, and you notice a free Wi-Fi network. Logging on would let you use your laptop or save data on your smart phone plan. But there’s one big problem with taking advantage of these public Wi-Fi networks: Your […]

Securing Your Router Keeps the Entire Internet Safer

You’re sitting at home, surfing the internet, without a care in the world. Your computer and all the sites you visit are protected with good passwords, thanks to Sticky Password. Your firewall is turned on. Your antivirus is running and up to date. You feel protected from all the nasty threats out there in cyberspace, […]

How Online Predators Threaten Our Children [infographic]

How many hours does your child spend online or using their cell phone every day? Researchers have tabulated data to uncover that our kids are spending an average of seven hours a day on their computers, tablets, gaming systems, phones, and other technology devices. Our children’s technology use is quickly becoming their preferred method of […]

Is Dropbox Really Safe?

Dropbox has grown to become one the largest file sharing and cloud storage solutions online for both businesses and for individuals. Due to this, it has become a main target for hackers and other cyber criminals who try to either exploit it for profit or steal large amounts of user data for ransom or unauthorized […]

Cloud-based Parental Control Software – Save 25%

Put your mind to rest knowing exactly how your children use their computer.  See what apps and games they use, who they talk to, what websites they visit, and a whole lot more. SentryPC is a cloud-based monitoring, filtering, and control software wrapped into one – used and recommended by parents worldwide to protect their […]

A Sense of Security

Considering the title phrase, A Sense of Security, can tend to make someone uneasy just thinking about it. In our cyber world today, every person and business is potentially vulnerable to some sort of cyber threat. Knowing more about this topic, the issues, the techniques and the personal responsibility involved is part of acquiring a […]