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One Phish, Two Phish, Bad Phish: Don’t Click!

You’ve most likely heard about an online threat called phishing. Although it’s been around for many years, it’s still a pretty big security issue. While there are all kinds of threats on the Internet, many people find phishing to be one of the most worrisome ones because it is so common, and because it seems […]

Older Adults Can Navigate Their Way to Being #CyberAware

For a lot of older adults, adopting digital technology – and learning how to navigate and use the Internet as a fundamental part of that – can be a daunting task. Many express similar reservations about taking their first steps towards crossing the so-called “digital divide” that separates the current generation from previous ones. But […]

Is Cyber Security Just Another IT Project? #CyberAware

This blog is not going to try to scare you with real world stories of hackers taking over a company’s network and dragging it to its knees. For that, you can watch the USA Network’s critically acclaimed series, Mr. Robot (and you really should watch every episode). The intent of this blog is to demonstrate […]

Being #CyberAware in the Online Marketplace

Just about everything is online these days. Many of the items that used to require going to a store to purchase can now be acquired from the comfort of your living room or on the go with your smartphone or tablet. Shopping isn’t the only thing that can be done online, either. It’s also possible […]

The Top 5 Myths About PC Slowdown

One of the most common and perplexing issues that confronts PC users of all types is why their computers seem to slow down noticeably after only a few years of use. To answer this age-old question, people have come up with all kinds of explanations for the persistent problem of PC slowdown. Yet some of […]

Passwords and Digital Amnesia

How important are your passwords ? Let’s start this blog entry on a philosophical note: If you had an accident and lost all your memories would you still be the same person? Also would you be the same person if you liked different kinds of music, made other decisions in life or had different friends? […]

How to Unlock Unlimited Fun, Savings, and Privacy with Your VPN While Traveling

Traveling keeps us busy with sights, selfies, and so much new stuff we just have to see and do. But there’s so much more you can get if you know the right tricks. Here are seven ways your VPN can help you save money, have unlimited access to your favourite entertainment and be invisible online […]

Is Your Antivirus Software Protecting You Against Keyloggers?

Every device plugged into your PC has the potential to be used for logging activity! Keyloggers have been around for decades, and they have evolved beyond simply tracking keystrokes. Threats today are as varied as they are numerous. While simple keyloggers are used to capture your keystrokes, more advanced malware can silently turn on your […]

Mythbusters: Debunking Common Cyber Security Misconceptions

To celebrate National Internet Safety Month, let’s look at some common misconceptions surround cyber safety and Internet security. It’s important to remain in the know and stay aware of threats in the cyber world. Myth 1: Cyber security is a one-time security thing. This is flat out wrong, and a dangerous idea. Technology and threats […]