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Turnabout is Fair Play

In what is being billed as a free speech case, a girl from Minnesota wins a $70,000 settlement over her treatment at the hands of school administrators who made her tell them her Facebook password. Let’s take a look at what happened: A 6th grader writes on her facebook page that she ‘hates’ a school […]

Facebook Isn’t Vegas

Bosses and government types who demand passwords to see what employees are saying about them just don’t understand Facebook. Here’s a great example of how it really works. Gulliver Preparatory School in Florida didn’t need passwords to find out what a former employee’s daughter (and former student Dana Snay) said about them in a FB […]

Crime and Punishment

Have you ever ‘bleached’ a desk to get rid of DNA evidence? At work? Or, maybe it was to cover up a failed home project from your spouse? Nope, neither have we. An article in the Mail Online quotes a former broker as saying that he was ordered by a former boss to do just […]