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Petr Pinkas

Petr is the customers voice and also social media and marketing guru who wants to spread the word and help people get safe online. In his personal life he always runs, walks on a slackline, rides a bike, does yoga and lives on a vegan diet. Official Bio: Petr joined Lamantine Software in 2009 and brings a wealth of business analysis experience from his previous positions at Ander Lippin and AVG Technologies.


The TalkTalk Hack and What It Means for Your Security

The web and news sites are of full of the recent breaking story and updates about the hack of TalkTalk – the British provider of broadband services. Interest in the hack is very high – as are questions about password security. One category of questions can be summarized as: I don’t have a TalkTalk account, […]

The Words on Passwords [infographic]

Smartphones and mobile devices are the waves upon which we ride into the future, and until we do something about our abysmal security habits now, our cybersecurity waters look pretty murky. According to a study conducted by Janrain, a productivity management provider, one of the major setbacks associated with user security is remembering all of […]

Common Tips Can Help Boost Password Security

Consumers who want to ensure their online security is not in jeopardy must focus on their passwords. If these credentials are not effective in keeping malicious parties from accessing their various accounts, people are more prone to suffering identity theft and other problems if personal and sensitive information is obtained from outside sources. A THV 11 report […]

Burger King Twitter account hacked because of whopper123

Burger King, the US fast-food company, had its official Twitter account (@burgerking) compromised on Monday. Their Twitter profile picture was changed to the McDonalds logo and the background picture was switched to show a McDonald’s background and Fish McBites. Many posts were tweeted under the hacked account, with some of them containing racial oaths, drug […]

PayPal phishing

Yesterday, I have received an email from PayPal – at least it appeared so at first glance – about limiting my PayPal account and that the PayPal system detected unusual charges to a credit card linked to my PayPal account. Since I found out immediately that it is a phishing email, I want to share […]

Not so secret secrets that will keep you safe online

Good article on security ‘secrets’ that will help keep you safe. Start at the end and move to the beginning. The advice about knowing what programs you use and making sure that they are up to date is easy and huge, HUGE – really big! – in keeping you safe. This applies to programs and your […]

Back to basics – protecting yourself online

Basic advice for staying safe while staying connected on vacation. Actually – it’s very good advice for your everyday usage, also! As with the great majority of advice you’ll see here, or on the Sticky Password facebook page or stuff that we link to, you’ll notice that most of this involves common sense. Two big […]

Protecting yourself against hackers of all sorts

Now that security professionals are talking about hacking cars, home security systems, and digital cameras, you’re probably wondering if there is anything that is safe from hackers. At least your home appliances are safe – right?! Well, no. Now, even your high-tech blender is a potential risk. The goal of the hacker isn’t always to […]

Identity theft and the average Joe

I’d like to see the next security survey include a follow-up question to the ‘are you afraid of identity theft’ question. Something along the lines of: ‘do you know what identity theft is and how you can protect yourself?’ I’m not trying to belittle the issue of identity theft. But my own experience is that […]

Show off in Sticky Password style

You use Sticky Password because you appreciate the security and the elegant approach to password management and automatic form filling. Now you can add some of that pizzazz to your style. Show off with a cool Sticky Password t-shirt, or make everyone jealous while having a cup o’ joe in your handsome Sticky Password mug. […]