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Random happenings in the world of passwords

Recently, I was in a meeting where several people gave presentations via a projector. As almost always happens, there were minor glitches in transitioning the projector connection from one notebook computer to the next. As part of her presentation, one unsuspecting person needed to log in to a site. Without looking at the screen to […]

Good passwords and how to use them

More and more, we’re seeing attention being given to passwords and personal security. It seems obvious that passwords are an integral part of securing your personal data, but that part of the security message seems to have been glossed over until recently. Ever notice the strange looks you get from your friends or even the […]

Online security and relationships – a bad mix!

I hope you all enjoyed Valentine’s Day! After reading the previous post, I hope that you all included a note to your beloved in that box of chocolates in which you announced that you’ve changed your shared gmail password. 🙂 Here are a couple of articles that came out recently that highlight the fact that […]

Taking passwords seriously

A few recent articles have revealed (again) that most people don’t take their online security seriously. Maybe a better way of saying this is that most people don’t seem to connect the dots between their passwords (online logins) and how they help keep their personal data secure. At a time when everyone is talking about […]

The going rate for a password

I ran across write up of an interesting survey in a online Swedish newspaper. It seems that a good number of Swedes are more than willing to  reveal passwords and access info to websites to an unknown person in exchange for chocolate bars while answering questions during a survey. (I suspect that this lax approach […]

Bue Spring Manatee Festival

Because there is more to life than just passwords (yes, we admit it!) and facebook and ‘official’ letters from the FBI, we’ll occasionally point out events and activities and all sorts of other things that excite the Sticky Password team. The Sticky Password team has become very interested in helping Manatees in Florida. So much […]

Your online identity – dead

I just found about the web 2.0 suicide machine. Wow! That’s what I call finding a need and filling it. Once you get past the gallows humor – and, even though it is really only one graphical page, it took me a good while to do so, because they’ve done a great job of playing […]

New Year’s Resolutions

While visiting my parents during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I cleaned up my dad’s computer a bit. I try to do this for him every couple of months. The last time I was able to do it was at the beginning of August, so things were a bit ‘messier’ than usual. My […]

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and All the Best in the New Year 2010! From the Sticky Password Team

Welcome to the Sticky Password blog!

With the launch of Sticky Password 4.0 on November 24, and with the encouragement of a good many customers, we are launching the Sticky Password blog. Welcome to the inaugural post! The blog will focus on passwords, password management and form filling, and online security in general. As I scan the daily headlines and listen […]