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Back to basics – protecting yourself online

Basic advice for staying safe while staying connected on vacation. Actually – it’s very good advice for your everyday usage, also! As with the great majority of advice you’ll see here, or on the Sticky Password facebook page or stuff that we link to, you’ll notice that most of this involves common sense. Two big […]

How password management is performed by a friend of mine

One night my landlady told me, that she had some “Notification failures” in her Hotmail inbox and if I can help her, since I work for a software security company. So of course I agreed and had a look at her Inbox. It was full of “Notification failure” messages, that some email was not delivered, that some mailbox doesn’t […]

Protecting yourself against hackers of all sorts

Now that security professionals are talking about hacking cars, home security systems, and digital cameras, you’re probably wondering if there is anything that is safe from hackers. At least your home appliances are safe – right?! Well, no. Now, even your high-tech blender is a potential risk. The goal of the hacker isn’t always to […]

Security is manageable – passwords and more

Your security online is made up of little things that each and every one of us CAN manage. Much of protecting yourself involves paying attention and being aware of what you are doing when using your computer. Even the settings that you use for your computer and security programs are designed to allow you to […]

A brief history of hacking

Check out this abridged history of hacking. The history of mankind: there is always someone out there who is interested in getting access to other people’s ‘stuff’. While many of the examples given in the post focus on government systems, that’s not the rule. Breaking into a military system is always a thrill (and embarrassment […]

Passwords, personal data and Identity Finder

Here in Essex County, New Jersey, the county is promoting the annual computer and electronics recycling day (this Saturday, May 15), so when I saw the article about Identity Finder on, I was in the right mindset to appreciate the problem. What’s the problem? Your computer can end up in the strangest places. Your […]

Identity theft and the average Joe

I’d like to see the next security survey include a follow-up question to the ‘are you afraid of identity theft’ question. Something along the lines of: ‘do you know what identity theft is and how you can protect yourself?’ I’m not trying to belittle the issue of identity theft. But my own experience is that […]

Password stealing

I just ran across a little article about a school having its computer system compromised because of a password being swiped. It seems that a student in the 4th grade got the password from a teacher’s desk and then used it to fiddle with the district-wide computer ‘blackboard’ system. No long-term harm was done, but […]

Show off in Sticky Password style

You use Sticky Password because you appreciate the security and the elegant approach to password management and automatic form filling. Now you can add some of that pizzazz to your style. Show off with a cool Sticky Password t-shirt, or make everyone jealous while having a cup o’ joe in your handsome Sticky Password mug. […]

Sticky Password in real life

A bunch of you have already sent emails asking about the photos being posted on the Sticky Password facebook page. We’re starting a photo series on facebook that we’re calling ‘Sticky Password in real life’. The idea is for Sticky Password customers to submit pictures from all over the world showing how they use Sticky […]