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When it comes to passwords, is your IT guy one of the bad guys?

Not intentionally, I hope – but the IT guy (or gal) is usually under a lot of pressure to fix something quickly so that the business of doing business can move on. And that can lead to shortcuts and encouraging bad habits. When you call the IT guy, you’re the one who wants it done […]

Password survey results

I ran across an interesting password survey conducted by Kevin Haley at Symantec. About 450 people answered his 9 straightforward questions. When thought about a bit, some of the results are pretty interesting. The first question asked about the number of passwords. 33% of all respondents said that they have 10 or fewer password-protected accounts […]

Random happenings in the world of passwords

Recently, I was in a meeting where several people gave presentations via a projector. As almost always happens, there were minor glitches in transitioning the projector connection from one notebook computer to the next. As part of her presentation, one unsuspecting person needed to log in to a site. Without looking at the screen to […]

Take my personal data, please!

A site called Please Rob Me has been created to highlight the problem that most people don’t make the connection between personal information and security. People are putting way too much information online through twitter and social networks. Note that I said ‘information’ – not just stuff like credit card numbers and other private data. […]

Good passwords and how to use them

More and more, we’re seeing attention being given to passwords and personal security. It seems obvious that passwords are an integral part of securing your personal data, but that part of the security message seems to have been glossed over until recently. Ever notice the strange looks you get from your friends or even the […]

Online security and relationships – a bad mix!

I hope you all enjoyed Valentine’s Day! After reading the previous post, I hope that you all included a note to your beloved in that box of chocolates in which you announced that you’ve changed your shared gmail password. 🙂 Here are a couple of articles that came out recently that highlight the fact that […]

Does sharing passwords mean you’re in love?

Back in the 7th grade I had my first girlfriend. It was true puppy love: we were together constantly at school and we shared everything, including our locker combinations. Sharing locker combinations was the thing to do. Every once in a while you would hear about a breakup and that he or she had thrown […]

Security you’ll use

The secret to just about all things in life: start with manageable or agreeable amounts and repeat. What am I talking about? New Year’s passed recently, so we still have resolutions ringing in our heads. How many friends do you have who loudly proclaimed on January 1, that they just joined a fancy new gym […]

Taking passwords seriously

A few recent articles have revealed (again) that most people don’t take their online security seriously. Maybe a better way of saying this is that most people don’t seem to connect the dots between their passwords (online logins) and how they help keep their personal data secure. At a time when everyone is talking about […]

The going rate for a password

I ran across write up of an interesting survey in a online Swedish newspaper. It seems that a good number of Swedes are more than willing to  reveal passwords and access info to websites to an unknown person in exchange for chocolate bars while answering questions during a survey. (I suspect that this lax approach […]