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PC Magazine Review: Sticky Password 7 is Excellent

Check out the review of Sticky Password 7 in PC Magazine.  

Security Expert Larry Bridwell Joins Sticky Password to Increase Awareness of Personal Data Protection

NEW YORK – June 4, 2014 — Password management software provider Sticky Password today announced that Larry Bridwell has joined the company as its Global Security Strategist. In this role, Bridwell, a leading expert in global technology security trends, strategies and challenges since 1996, will help bring more awareness to online security for consumers, as […]

All the Dirt on Heartbleed and How to Stay Safe

What was your first reaction when you first heard about the Heartbleed bug? Did you rush to take action – any action – to protect your password-protected accounts? It was April 7 when researchers from Google and Finnish company Codenomicon made headlines when they announced the bug publicly. That was only a month ago, but […]

World Password Day 2014

World Password Day 2014 In January 2013, Deloitte analysts estimated that 90% of all passwords are simple enough to be hacked in seconds.1 Since then, Heartbleed headlines prompted Internet users to change their passwords, yet only 38% of users did.2 We want to change that. Observed every May 7th, World Password Day asks people to […]

Yahoo Says Customers Must Use Yahoo IDs

In an effort to retain customers, Yahoo is changing their policy on allowing their customers to use 3rd party sign-in credentials on Yahoo properties. Yahoo will begin forcing users of their popular online services to use a Yahoo ID instead of their Facebook or Google credentials. For many this will mean having to create a […]

Roadmap to Success?

  Advisor: Congratulations, Sam, you’ve earned year degree. Sam (sniffling): Thanks, but I just don’t know what I’m going to do next. Advisor (pointing to the poster): The world is your oyster. Just look at these great options.   Cute, but is it a roadmap to success? Remember Frank Abagnale He was the con artist […]

Passwords. Seriously. ! ? ;-)

With all the talk about security, do people really take passwords and security seriously? A recent headline tells us: New Password System at Springfield College Increases Security On the face of it, this seems to be a straightforward story of a business or institution – in this case Springfield College in Massachusetts – upgrading its […]

Jason Bourne Call Your Office, Your Blackphone Has Arrived

Updated Feb 24: Michael Janke, CEO of Silent Circle sent us this correction: ‘Silent Circle is not a US company, we are off-shore and have offices in London, (Washington) DC and Geneva.‘ ********** Picture the scene from The Bourne Ultimatum (2007): Jason Bourne has set up a meeting with reporter Simon Ross at Waterloo Station […]

Go Places, Create Passwords

The recent release of  the peer-reviewed research paper GeoGraphical Passwords* by Ziyad S. Al-Salloum got us all excited. New ideas in authorization and security models are what gets us jumping out of bed every morning. And this one had the implied promise of pictures! The author defines the problem he will address by competently listing […]

Top 4 Places You Might Get Hacked [infographic]

Today’s always connected culture has significantly increased the potential for hackers to breach one of your online accounts. It’s just as likely that you access your online accounts through your home computer, as it is that you’ll do it on one of your mobile devices like your smartphone and tablet. In order to outsmart the […]