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Idiocracy 2014: FedGov Cybersecurity After 7 Years and $65 billion

“Since 2006, the federal government has spent at least $65 billion on securing its computers and networks, according to an estimate by the Congressional Research Service.” Said Sen. Tom Coburn, MD, Ranking Member, in his Report by the Minority Staff of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee Wow! That kind of money must buy […]

Activate Your Inner Password

We know from The Matrix that taking the blue pill allows us to remain ignorant of reality, while the red pill gives us reality – often painful and unpleasant. What about the pink pill? Well, that would be the pill that activates your inner password. Simply mix with gastric juices to trigger ‘your insides’ to […]

Whatever Happened To Privacy?

We’re big on privacy. As enthusiastic proponents of passwords, you could say it’s our raison d’etre – it’s what we’re all about. Every year on January 28, we look forward to Data Privacy Day just like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin (but with fewer pumpkins). We were encouraged to see that the younger crowd […]

Has Social Media Really Changed Everything?

What is it with people when it comes to new technologies? They get all silly-like as if society’s rules and laws don’t apply anymore? We weren’t around back in the early days of the telephone, but we think it might have gone something like this: It’s 1925. Bob is mad at Joe because Joe said […]

Under the covers with HR and your Facebook password

Joe killed it. The interview was just about over and Joe felt really good. He had been ready and answered all the questions just the way he wanted. As he started to get up to say goodbye, the interviewer shook his hand and said: ‘Joe, we like you. You seem normal (the last guy was […]

I, Resolution

They were angry with us. The family was at our brother’s house over the weekend. The grumbling began after lunch. ‘It’s the middle of January and you still haven’t told us your New Year’s resolution,’ they said. We shrugged. We’re happy with our weight, we’re sort of organized, we don’t smoke and we’ve already done […]

‘Go further’ Ford goes too far

‘We know everyone who breaks the law.’ At first glance, the statement almost sounds reasonable – doesn’t it? After all, we all want the bad guys who break the law to be caught and punished accordingly. But something doesn’t seem right. It has a bit of a sci-fi ring to it; something we’d expect to […]

‘Tis the season for Facebook hoaxes

In our ‘connected’ online world, it’s very easy for hoaxes to spread. This gives us the opportunity to see lots of examples. Some we receive directly from the hoaxsters, others are forwarded to us by our readers (Thank you!). Since hoaxes are intended to trick you in some way, they need to at least attempt […]

Beware of Target (We’re Sorry!!!) hoax email

A reader just submitted to us an email that was sent to him supposedly by Target as an apology for the stolen credit card data that had been used at their brick and mortar stores at the end of November. As far as we can tell, this is a hoax – and not a particularly […]

Passwords and the Artist

We’ve seen lots of lists of passwords that were exposed as the result of security exploits (in recent years Adobe, Yahoo!, Hotmail, LinkedIn and many other companies, large and small, have been hacked), but we’ve never seen a list like this. Earlier this year, German artist Aram Bartholl published created “Forgot Your Password?” – an […]