With the latest Sticky Password build (, we’re introducing a neat new tweak that makes Autofill even easier with Sticky Password! Let’s take a look…


If Sticky Password is already running on your device and you’re browsing the internet, you’ll see small Sticky Password icons in the input fields. Thanks to the new Autofill feature, you’ll immediately see Sticky Password is always at hand whenever you need it.

In login forms:

The Sticky Password icon is displayed in login and passwords fields.


When you click on the Sticky Password icon in the input field, you can add a new account


or, for accounts with mulitple logins, you can select the login you want to Autofill.amazon2logins

In registration forms


Click on the Sticky Password icon in the input field and simply select your Identity from your saved Identities and fill the registration form with one click.



This is my favorite: when you need a new unique strong password for a new web account. Click the Sticky Password icon in the password input field and select Tools – Password Generator.

Bez názvu-3

The Password generator appears. Set the password length, click Generate and then click Use this password. Or click here for detailed instructions.

That’s all there is to it, now you can save even more time with Sticky Password!