Back to school protecting your child's identity

Back to school protecting your child’s identity

Most Internet users today are aware of the risks of identity theft that come with sharing too much personal information online. But according to Nasdaq, parents may know that their child’s identity is also at risk. According to the source, the back-to-school season is a peak time for child identity theft. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your son or daughter’s identity as you prepare them for the upcoming school year.
1. Warn them about online identity theft
If your child uses Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, they need to be aware of the risks of over-sharing online. Make sure your kids know not to post their full name, date of birth or address on these sites, as it’s one of the easiest ways for identity thieves to get ahold of their information.
2. Password protect their mobile devices
Children who have smartphones, tablets or laptops should take care to password protect these devices, as well as any apps on the device that store sensitive information. Have them use a password generator to create login information that’s difficult to crack, and install a mobile password manager to help them keep different passwords organized.
3. Guard important documents carefully
Only carry your child’s birth certificate, social security card or passport with you if it’s absolutely necessary, and keep them locked up at all other times. If a school administrator or any other party asks for your child’s social security information, ask if there is another way to identify your child and check to see how that information will be protected.
4. Help them protect bank information
Older children who have a credit or debit card need to know how important it is to protect their financial information. Have them go over their bank statements regularly, and let them know to be discreet when entering their PINs in public.