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Passwords, Online Security and Multitasking

Multi-tasking. Most of us think that we’re really good at it. A high level of confidence in our own ability to do several things at once seems to overcome us when we start walking and chewing gum at the same time. (“Pay attention to what you’re doing, Johnny!”) From then on, the sky is the […]

The Digital Disconnect

What’s that, you’ve never heard of the digital disconnect? The digital disconnect is the gulf in communication between those raised in an online, constantly-connected environment and those who came before them. It’s kids versus parents. It’s digital natives versus outsiders. It’s young versus old. It’s virtual reality versus playing outside. It’s social media versus ‘in […]

Have Password, Will Sell!?

We just went to see the new Jason Bourne movie. Without giving anything away, the movie is light on accuracy as far as computers and cyber security go. For example, whoever approved the throwaway line that they were going to “use SQL to corrupt their databases” should get a new fact checker. But I guess […]

Multi-Factor Authentication and Office 365

Today’s cybercriminals employ sophisticated and complex attack vectors to penetrate the security (often meager security) that we erect in hopes of protecting ourselves, and our data, from their nefarious hands.  And, be honest, you know that your security measures can be a bit more secure. In the not too distant past, requests and warnings from […]

Talking Sense About Passwords

Why is it that most news and articles about passwords lack common sense? Case in point: ever since the news broke a couple of weeks ago of a court decision against a certain Mr Nosal in a case that was obviously (in my humble opinion) nothing less than data theft or corporate espionage, we’ve seen […]

Is Every Site and Online Account Worth a Strong Password?

I’ve seen a few posts on online forums (fora!) asking about the need for strong passwords on every site. To be clear, it’s not security folks and online administrators promoting the need for strong passwords, it’s people asking why they even need a strong password on sites that “aren’t important.” When you think about it, […]

Unplugging the Dangers of Digital Distraction – #ChatSTC

New message! Check out this epic video! You won’t believe what happened next! Even without these triggers, most of us are constantly checking our digital device(s) to make sure we’re not missing anything. It’s become a reflex. We’ve gotten used to interrupting whatever we’re doing – even our own thoughts – in the hopes that […]

Don’t Call It Password Sharing, Because It’s Not

Have you heard the latest? Sharing passwords is illegal. At least that’s what the headlines are telling us: Password Sharing is a Federal Crime, Appeals Court Rules US appeals court upholds conviction over shared password Chap fails to quash ‘shared password’ ‘hacking’ conviction Let’s see if we can’t dissect the story to find out what’s […]

The Shortcut to Online Security, Strong Passwords & Privacy

It is no use saying, ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary. Winston Churchill The indispensable element of Winston Churchill’s famous quote is the implied action: taking steps to reach a goal. (Churchill was definitely a man of action!) In today’s often jittery environment of online security […]

Bad Password Policies Lead to Bad Passwords (video)

Very nice discussion between Steve Ragan ( and Martin Bos (TrustedSec) on why so many passwords still suck: it’s in the patterns we use! Policies at work and on sites we visit instill bad habits and then reinforce our bad habits – all while we think we’re being secure! “Years ago, I did a talk […]