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Digital Guardian: Data Security Experts Reveal the Biggest Mistakes Companies Makes with Data & Information Security

Our CTO Pavel Krčma provides his insight in the latest Digital Guardian article about the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to their data & information security: Digital Guardian: “The biggest mistake companies make with data security can all be boiled down to…” Pavel: “Carelessness. Many companies don’t truly know the amount of information their […]

Geek News Central Interview During CES 2015 in Vegas with Sticky Password

We talked with Todd Cochrane at CES in Las Vegas: The ex-AVG team at Sticky Password have put together a comprehensive cross-platform password management solution. Here you can see the video interview with Todd who sits down with Tomas to learn more about Sticky Password: Original article can be found here: Sticky Password Password Manager at CES

Shelly Palmer: Sticky Password Adds Security (and convenience) to Your Login

We visited with the Shelly Palmer team at CES. Here’s Joey Lewandowski’s take on password security with Sticky Password. Cyber security is a mess right now. Does anyone really feel safe about their passwords? I know I don’t. Even worse, there’s a sense of hopelessness that makes me question why I should create secure passwords […]

Eyelock Reveals First Laptop Using Its Iris Scanner Tech

Exciting news out of CES, where we met up with Sticky Password technology partner Eyelock – market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions. Eyelock unveiled a pre-production laptop that integrates EyeLock ID technology. The project is a partnership with manufacturer Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC) and integrates EyeLock’s iris scanning technology adjacent to a webcam. “EyeLock […]

PC Magazine: Sticky Password Has More Sync Options Than Other Password Managers

From the Reader Input section of the January Get More Done in 2015 Edition of PC Magazine. Manage Passwords In Just One Place “I read your reviews on password managers, but I still have a concern. Which ones are standalone apps? I do not want my app to be connecting to the cloud or on […]

My Technology Guide review: Sticky Password Premium 4.9/5 Stars

Check out the review of Sticky Password Premium at My Technology Guide.

Shelly Palmer on New Sticky Password Release

Shelly Palmer highlights the new Sticky Password: “Online security is a major problem, and it’s one Sticky Password wants to help solve. Sticky Password on Tuesday announced the newest version of its password management software that includes biometric authentication and the option to synchronize locally through Wi-Fi. Both new features let you easily control your passwords and personal info.” Continue reading… […] Takes Notice of the New Sticky Password contributing editor Rawlson King posts the news about the New Sticky Password with biometric authentication.  

Sticky Password Introduces Free Version of Password Manager With Biometrics for Greater Online Security

New Version Is Available on All Major Platforms, Provides Fingerprint Authentication and Local Wi-Fi Synchronization NEW YORK – Dec 9, 2014 – Sticky Password today announces the newest version of its password management software that includes features such as biometric authentication and the choice to synchronize locally using local Wi-Fi. These features allow users to […]

Sticky Password for Your Mac

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?! 🙂 It’s like this… Many of you have been using Sticky Password on your tablets and smartphones ever since we introduced our mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. You enjoy having your passwords wherever you go, and being able to synchronize and backup your […]