Each time you access Sticky Password from another application or a 3rd party browser (any browser other than the embedded Sticky Password browser) even while Sticky Password is running in the background, it will be necessary to enter your Master Password. This is to ensure that your data isn’t misused or compromised when someone else uses your phone in this state.

For security reasons, Sticky Password automatically locks when it is running in background mode.

For your convenience, you can change this setting to enter a PIN code of your choosing, instead of having to enter your Master Password each time.

Tap menu in the top right corner and select Settings.


Select App Protection.


Activate PIN Protection by sliding the slide bar to the right.


Enter your Master Password in order to make changes. Tap Unlock.


Set your PIN (at least 4 characters) and tap OK.


Confirm your PIN and tap OK.


The default Auto-Lock delay is “Disabled“. Tap Auto Lock Delay to change the time of your delay.


Tap the time you would like to select for your Auto-Lock delay.


That’s it, you’re all set to use your new PIN code when accessing Sticky Password from a 3rd party browser.