Do you like having everything nice a tidy? I know I do! With the latest build for your Mac we bring the possibility to create groups. Now all your data can be grouped into logically related groups. Let’s take a look how to create groups, for example, with Web Accounts. I’ll show you how to create a new group and how to move an existing Web Account into created group.


Creating a group

Open the Sticky Password main window and click + Add Group.
1-creating-groups-on-your-mac-step1-add-groupEnter a name for your group and click Save. I will create the following groups: Shopping, Email, Forum and Social Media.

Moving Web Accounts into a group

Select the Web Account you would like to move into a group and click Edit.
3b-creating-groups-on-your-mac-step3-edit-accountClick into the Parent group field. A list of the groups you have created will appear. Select one of them and click Save.
4-creating-groups-on-your-mac-step4-select-parnet-groupNow you can move all your Web Accounts into groups. And just like that, you’ve cleaned up your Web Accounts!

That’s all there is to it!