fb-Death-by-PasswordsHave you ever noticed that when you ask a friend how many passwords he or she has, the answer is almost always between 10 and 20?

When you think about it, that really isn’t a lot, BUT they’ll go on to tell you how hard life is with all these passwords.*

“So, how do you deal with all your passwords?

You hear the guilty tension in their voices as they admit that, well – they aren’t really doing anything about it. They reuse easy-to-break (like words, names of pets, etc.) passwords on multiple sites, and they try to remember them in their heads. They use the ‘forgot password’ link on their favorite websites a lot.

And they worry when they read articles about all the password breaches and how bad guys are able to break bad passwords and steal their online identity.

But they keep on doing the same thing. And they continue to feel the heavy burden that passwords are putting on their lives.

All these passwords are killing me!”

That’s when I laugh and start thinking about keys. Keys have been around for a long time, but they only came into regular usage in the past couple of centuries. As common folks started getting a little wealthier, they began needing keys to lock up their stuff. Soon, they had several keys to carry around: the house or apartment, the garage, the car, the office, luggage, mailboxes, and so on.

Were people going nuts back then talking about how it was overwhelming to need so many keys? “All these keys are killing me!” 🙂 (A quick search revealed 0 (zero) articles on this subject.)

As things started to get really crazy with all those keys, some smart person invented the key ring (right up there in importance with the wheel and sliced bread 🙂 ) – and things settled down as people were able to carry all their keys on their one key ring.


The key ring is the main reason that even building superintendents survived the era of terrible keys!

You know from your own experience that it’s a lot easier having a single key ring with even a lot of keys, than having to keep track of lots of loose keys.

What’s all that got to do with passwords?

So much of our lives is now connected to the Internet that it’s almost impossible to manage the keys – you know, all those passwords – to everything we need online haphazardly.

Even with everything in the press about using strong passwords, too many people are still taking the ‘loose key’ approach.

And they feel helpless in the face of threats they hear about because of the perception that “all these passwords are killing me!”

To paraphrase Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can handle your passwords, or you think you can’t handle your passwords – you’re right.” **

With the right tools and approach, you can handle your passwords.

  • Stay informed. You need to know what threats are out there, so that you can react appropriately.
  • Use a password manager like Sticky Password. Not only will this be the key ring for all your passwords, but it will protect you by generating strong passwords for all your sites.
  • Use a strong unique password for each of your online accounts. That way, if one service provider or account does get hacked, all your other accounts will be safe and secure.


* Most people don’t realize that they actually have quite a few more passwords than 10-20.

** “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Henry Ford