Back in the 7th grade I had my first girlfriend. It was true puppy love: we were together constantly at school and we shared everything, including our locker combinations. Sharing locker combinations was the thing to do. Every once in a while you would hear about a breakup and that he or she had thrown her or his stuff out of the locker onto the hallway floor, and that was just about the worst that could happen. There wasn’t a risk that your personal stuff would be revealed and exploited by bad guys half way around the world.

Back then (I’ll just say that it was in the 1980’s :-)), that was about the only ‘secret’ security information that a pre-teen had. ‘Online’ wasn’t even a word back then and bulletin board services were just starting up for the techie types.

Well, it’s not the 1980’s and you’re not in junior high, anymore. The Internet is a part of our lives and personal data security and identity theft are on everyone’s mind. Yet, I regularly meet adults who tell me that they share online passwords with their lover – they say it’s cute. I’ve actually had people tell me that sharing passwords is a stage in each relationship that has to take place! (We know that the third date can be pretty busy, so does password swapping come on the 4th date, or maybe the 5th!?!)

It’s not about trusting or not trusting, it’s about common sense. Go ahead and share all your emails with your loved one if you want, just don’t give him or her your passwords. Even if you’re ‘positive’ that he won’t reveal your password, by sharing your password with someone else, you’re increasing the risk that the information may get out by accident. It’s not worth the risk, keep your passwords private. Be safe with Sticky Password Manager.

Tell him you love him with a kiss, not with your passwords.

Tell her you love her with flowers and a diamond, not with your passwords.

Peter L