Your Master Password is a big part of keeping your passwords safe, so you always want to make sure it’s strong – and, of course, unique! I’ll show you now how simple it is to change your Master Password on your iOS device.


Let me point out again why your Master Password is so special. Your Master Password is the only password you have to remember. It’s the password you use to protect all your passwords stored in your encrypted database, as well as to authenticate the connection between Sticky Password and your cloud account. Only YOU know your Master Password. Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover a lost or forgotten Master Password that’s why it’s so important that you remember your Master Password. We at Sticky Password do not have access to your Master Password, or to your password database. This information is stored only on your devices, and always in an encrypted format.

It’s the only password you have to remember, so it’s important that you know how to change when you need to.

Tap Settings button in the lower right corner.


Tap App protection.


Tap Change Master Password.


First, you’ll need to enter your Current Master Password and tap Unlock.


Enter your new Master Password. Tap Next.


Confirm your Master Password and tap Change Master Password.


That’s it! Your Master Password has been successfully changed. If you are using multiple devices, Sticky Password will prompt you to enter your new Master Password the next time you synchronize.