Have you checked out all the export options available with Sticky Password? Today, I’ll show you how to securely export your data in encrypted format. This is very useful when you need to share login credentials for a selected account(s) with a co-worker, family member or friend in safe way.


Click the Sticky Password icon in the lower right corner and select Open Sticky Password.

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Click Menu in the top right corner of main window and select Export.


In the following step, you’ll select what would you like to export.

  • Export all – this option allow you to export all your data (web accounts, app accounts, bookmarks, identities and secure memos)
  • Export only selected items – if you choose this, you’ll be able to select individual accounts/items you would like to export


In this example, I’ll choose Export only selected items. The list of all my accounts and data items appears. Select the items you would like to export and click Next.

export5Next, you’ll be prompted to select the format of your exported file. Exporting involves working with your passwords, so we strongly recommend using secure encrypted format and only exporting to users who have Sticky Password. Select Sticky Password 7/8 if you plan to import your exported file to Sticky Password 7 or 8. For import to Sticky Password 6, please choose the second option. Click Next.

export6Set a password to protect your exported data and confirm it. This password will need to be entered when importing the data.

export7You can also set the password reset reminder for exported items. This option sets a password reset reminder for you for the exported items. On the specified date, Sticky Password will prompt you to change the passwords you exported; a reminder balloon will appear at the configured account name.


You have two options how to save your exported file:

  • Save to file – allows you to save the exported file to your hard drive, USB drive. etc…
  • Send via e-mail – this option allows you to open your email client (if you have an email program associated). Your exported file will be ready in the attachment.

I’ll choose the option Save to file.

export9Simply select a destination folder, set a File name and click Save.

export10That’s it! Your exported file is ready for you in your destination folder. You can work with it or send it via email later.