Last week, I showed you how to manage your trusted devices and I recommended the added security of using a one-time PIN when authorizing a new device. Today, we’ll take a look at enabling the one-time PIN for your StickyAccount.

How to manage your trusted devices - one-time pin.

What is One-time PIN?

It’s the unique PIN code that you’ll need to enter when you‘ve enabled 2-factor authorization for authorizing the connection of a new device to your StickyAccount. A one-time PIN will be automatically sent to your StickyID (e-mail) or Alternative email (if specified) and must be entered on the new device along with your StickyAccount credentials (StickyID and StickyPass). Once the correct PIN has been entered, the device will be added to your list of trusted devices.

How to set up your One-time PIN

Login to and click My Account tab.

Click My Account tab

In Authorization section select One-time PIN.

Select One-time PIN

Goin forward, whenever you try to login from a new device or browser that isn‘t included in your list of trusted devices, a one-time PIN will be required. Check your e-mail (or alternative e-mail) for an email from with your one-time PIN. Note: the one-time PIN is valid for only 20 minutes.Here you can find your PINEnter the one-time PIN. As an optional, you can also set the name for your device/browser. Click Sign in.

Enter OTP.

That’s it! Your new device will be listed at the top of your trusted devices list.

Here yu can find the list of trusted devices