Today we’ll take a look at the first steps with Sticky Password on your Mac.

Installation on the Mac is very similar to installing Sticky Password on your Windows computer. Those of you familiar with Sticky Password on your PCs, will notice that the main graphical user interface (GUI) for Sticky Password for Mac closely mimics the Windows GUI.

You are just a few quick steps away from saving your time, synchronizing all you passwords and security for your passwords and logins.

Click Let’s get started.


You’ll be prompted to sign into an existing StickyAccount, or to create a new one.Your StickyAccount is the online administrative account that allows you to manage your devices that are authorized to access your encrypted database.

In this example, I’ll show you how to create your StickyAccount. Click Create a new Account.


Enter the Email address (your StickyID) and create your Master Password. Your Master Password is the strong password that you will use to lock and unlock Sticky Password and log into your StickyAccount. [Note: your Master Password is the only password you have to remember. You will use it to protect your passwords in your encrypted database and to authenticate the connection between Sticky Password and your cloud account. Only YOU know your Master Password.]

Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) by checking the box.

Click Create my Account.


Confirm your Master Password.

Check the check box to confirm that you have read and understand the information about the importance of remembering your Master Password and click Continue.


Click Enable cloud sync to have your encrypted database seamlessly and securely synced on all your devices, and backed up via our secure cloud servers. Sticky Password always synchronizes and backs up the encrypted database! Your database is accessible only to you, and only on your devices.

By selecting Disable cloud sync, your encrypted database will never leave your device. Regardless of the choice you make during the installation, you will be able to manage the settings for syncing your encrypted data later.


Now you can select the browsers you want to use with Sticky Password.

Click Continue.

Please note that you’ll need to complete the installation of the selected browser extension(s) in each respective browser. Simply follow the instructions in the newly opened window of your Safari and/or Chrome browser. You can also check out our  tutorials for Safari and for Google Chrome.

frwmac5That’s all there is to installing Sticky Password. You’re all set!

If you purchased Sticky Password and created a StickyAccount using the same email address for your StickyID that you used to buy Sticky Password, then your subscription will be activated automatically on all your devices. (You will not have to type in your License Key.) If, for some reason, your subscription is not activated, click I have a License Key and enter your License Key the received when you purchased Sticky Password.