Good article on security ‘secrets’ that will help keep you safe.

Start at the end and move to the beginning. The advice about knowing what programs you use and making sure that they are up to date is easy and huge, HUGE – really big! – in keeping you safe. This applies to programs and your operating system. Even though Microsoft and most software developers encourage their users to automate the update process, most people don’t seem to ‘get around to it’. What is it about leading a horse to water…

While they do seem to have a lot of updates, Microsoft doesn’t up-sell in their updates. There is no excuse to not have the latest security patches on a daily basis – or however often they come out. (Whining about Microsoft isn’t going to help, so just get the updates.)

I do see a problem with updates from a lot of the other software vendors. Large or small, a lot of vendors intentionally blur the boundary between security updates and sales pitches for upgrade. This discourages a lot of users – including yours truly – from paying attention to what is included in the latest update. It is easier to say ‘no’ to an update, then to try to decipher whether this is a payable upgrade or something that I need!

It is up to you to know what you have on your computer so that you will know when something fishy is going on.

Peter L