fb-post47aMy hat is off to Mauricio Estrella.

He tells a wonderful and inspirational story that begins with two things in life that everyone knows are depressing: divorce and passwords. There he was, a man just going through the motions when he discovered that those motions were exactly what he needed to get his life in order.

On the fateful day when he was feeling particularly bad about his divorce, the Microsoft Exchange server at his job prompted him to change his password. He had reached bottom: it was either sink or swim, and Mauricio decided to swim.

Mauricio needed something to inspire the change in his life that he needed most at that moment.

It turns out that this was his new password. Directed at his own negative emotions toward his ex-wife, he entered Forgive@h3r.

Mauricio’s story is an endearing tale of entering that meaningful password many, many times over the next 30 days. Thanks to his new password, his attitude became sunnier long before the month was up.

The result – that’s the right word – led him to try it in other aspects of his life. First came Quit@smoking4ever, with great results: he stopped smoking the very first day.

Then came passwords of all sorts, almost all with wonderful results (check Mauricio’s blog to see which area in his life he wasn’t able to improve with his password cure).

Could this work for you? Yes.

Will it work for you? That depends on you.

The secret is based on a method introduced by French psychologist Emile Coue. He had patients repeat the following phrase or mantra every day:

Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

Those that followed the ritual actually got well quicker than those that didn’t. The patients, he said, were healing themselves. Notice the similarity in Mauricio’s wonderful example.

Do try this at home. 🙂 You’ll find yourself feeling better (and smiling!) each time you say it.

Note: an extra tip of the hat to Mauricio to including advice for strong passwords, and for using some nice obfuscation when creating his inspirational and memorable mantras… ah, passwords.

Congratulations to Mauricio and his bride!