Today, I’ll show you how to securely export your data on your Mac. This is very useful when you need to share login credentials for an account(s) with a family member or co-worker in a safe way. Encrypted export is supported with build for your Mac.


Step 1: Export your database

Click File in the menu bar and select Export Database…

1-securely-export-mac-database-in-3-steps-step1-file-exportStep 2: Name your exported file

Now you can set a filename for your exported file in the Export As field and select the destination folder in the Where field. Click Export.

2-securely-export-mac-database-in-3-steps-step1-name-exportStep 3: Protect your exported file

Set the password that will be used protect your exported data and click OK.3-securely-export-mac-database-in-3-steps-step1-set-password-for-exported-file
That’s it! Your encrypted export file is ready for you in the destination folder. You can work with it or send it via email.