Our entire Lamantine Software team is excited and honored to welcome Pavel Krčma as CTO. See some of Pavel’s comments here:

“I spent last 14 years in antimalware industry being malware analyst and later Head of Viruslab in AVG Technologies. I am happy to bring my experience with cross-platform development, secure design and management of geographically diversified team. I’m especially interested in developing a deep professional but also friendly relationships within our team as I believe it’s one of the key ingredients needed to cook an excellent product.

I want to help Sticky Password product and team grow – user base, quality of products and product portfolio itself. My vision is to continue in innovation of Sticky Password, which is an excellent good product with huge potential, and introduce new products based on Sticky Password technology and the people behind it.

Right now, we are heading to release Sticky Password 7.0 which includes completely new Cloud functionality. My plan is to speed-up development cycles so we could offer new updates and versions more often than today.”

Pavel Krčma – CTO