Dear Sticky Password blog readers! Let me wish you a safe and Happy New Year!


Today, instead of a new tutorial for you, I have some straightforward ideas for New Year’s resolutions that you’ll want to keep:

  • I will use a unique password for each website.
  • I will install software updates.
  • I will use 2 factor authentication, where possible.
  • I will pay attention when I hear about hacks in the news, so that I’ll know what to protect myself against.
  • I will be careful when I get suspicious emails. (Suspicious can be anything unexpected, promises of free money, requests for personal information, emails from your bank with typos or mistakes, or ANYTHING that you think is not right.)
  • I will not use dictionary words for my passwords.

Or, you make it easy on yourself and just have one:

  • I will use Sticky Password.

Of course, you’ll always want to install software updates on your devices.

And now you can enjoy that extra piece of cake without any guilt. 🙂

We look forward to sharing new tutorials and blogs with you in 2016.

Gabi and the Sticky Password Team