Even little kids today know that passwords should be strong and should be changed regularly. But how do you know that the password you’re using is strong? And how can you remember when to change my password? Sticky Password users don’t have to worry about that. Let’s explore Sticky Password warnings!


There are two types of warnings in Sticky Password. The first one when your password has expired, the second one tells you if the password you are using is too weak. Both of them are indicated by a red lock next to your login.

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All your warning messages in one place

You can find any warning messages in one convenient place. Click Quick Access and switch to the Warnings tab.

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Note: All warnings are turn on by default. Change this by simply clicking Turn warnings on.

How can I remember when to change my password?

You can schedule a password reminder for each and every password in your Sticky Password database. Click the Sticky Password icon in the system tray and select Open Sticky Password.

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Open the Web Accounts tab and select the Account you want to set a new password reminder for, then click the pencil symbol and selecting Edit.

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Switch Password never expires (which only means that there is no expiration set for this password) to Password expires on (which allows you to set an expiration date for the password).

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Select the desired date of expiration. The date you choose can be a rule set by the website, or a gentle reminder to yourself that it’s time to change the password.

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Click Save.

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On the day your password expires, a notification bubble will appear in the lower corner of your screen to remind you. You’ll be prompted to take action. You can View Accounts… or Delete all reminders by clicking one of the links.

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Moreover, the lock next to your login turns red and your login appears in the list of warnings.


How do I know that the password I’m using is strong?

If you are using a weak password, the lock next to your login gets red and your login appears in the list of warnings.


Double-click your account to check your password strength.


For creating strong passwords we strongly recommend you to use our password generator. Check out this tutorial.

What is the ideal state?

All green locks in your Sticky Password database means no weak or expired passwords!