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Emotionally Yours, Encryption

“The Justice Dept. was poised to launch a public relations campaign to pull at the public heartstrings of those who suffered as a result of the San Benardino shootings.” (Why Apple went to war with the FBI) Stop and think about that for a minute. Suspecting that its legal arguments to undermine the security of […]

Sticky Password is now integrated with Safari on your MAC!

Sticky Password now works with the Safari browser on your Mac. Today we’ll take a look at how to install the Sticky Password extension for your Safari browser. Installing Sticky Password on your Mac for the first time Install Sticky Password and  follow the instructions during the first run wizard. You’ll be prompted to select […]

Introducing Sticky Password for Mac!

Today we’ll take a look at the first steps with Sticky Password on your Mac. Installation on the Mac is very similar to installing Sticky Password on your Windows computer. Those of you familiar with Sticky Password on your PCs, will notice that the main graphical user interface (GUI) for Sticky Password for Mac closely […]

Sticky Password for Your iPhone and iPad

Today, we’ll look at getting started with Sticky Password on your iPhone or iPad. Download and Install the Sticky Password app via the App Store and tap the Sticky Password icon. The First Run Wizard will start. tap Let’s get started. The first step is to connect to your StickyAccount. Your StickyAccount is your administrative […]

Shellshock – The Bash Bug

Shellshock Bash Bug – What is it? Shellshock. It’s what the latest and greatest computer bug is being called. It’s a bug in the Bash shell – that impacts all UNIX-based systems, including Linux and Mac OS X. It also includes devices like WiFi routers and devices that have UNIX code and Bash installed. And […]

We Heart iOS 8

iOS 8 has just been announced and we feel like kids in a candy shop! There’s a lot that’s being introduced that will let us provide great features for Sticky Password customers. Access to Touch ID is super news! We know that frequently unlocking the password database – while necessary for security – can be […]

The Year of the Fingerprint?

In its 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2014, Ericsson tells us that 52% of the 5,000 smartphone users polled ‘want to use their fingerprints instead of passwords.’ Firstly, is Ericsson tipping its hand on what it has in store for us with their 2014 line-up? We suspect that they might not be enthusiastic to disclose poll […]

Donald Trump’s Twitter account hacked, Zendesk system hacked too, affecting Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr users

The latest Twitter hack in the past few days was targeted at Donald Trump’s official Twitter account (@realDonaldTrump). On Thursday afternoon when a tweet appeared on Trump’s Twitter profile saying “These hoes think they classy, well that’s the class I’m skippen”, everyone knew something was wrong. And it was. 15 minutes later the tweet was […]