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Securing Your Router Keeps the Entire Internet Safer

You’re sitting at home, surfing the internet, without a care in the world. Your computer and all the sites you visit are protected with good passwords, thanks to Sticky Password. Your firewall is turned on. Your antivirus is running and up to date. You feel protected from all the nasty threats out there in cyberspace, […]

Hackers and the Passwords They Use

Passwords are the Achilles’ heel of the average hacker. Just think how unfair it would be, if hackers were able to break into other people’s accounts while at the same time they were protected by strong login credentials. As it is, a recent study reveals that hackers are just as much at risk as the […]

Ubisoft to Customers Following Data Security Breach: “Change your password”

Gaming company Ubisoft urged its customers to change their passwords yesterday, following a security breach that exposed encrypted passwords, usernames and user email addresses. Ubisoft, the third-largest gaming company in the United States and Europe, said that it reacted instantly to close the breach and that no financial information had been accessed, but nonetheless encouraged users […]

The Cost of Identity Theft

Consumers who fail to practice effective online security may quickly find themselves victims of identity theft. Passwords are one of the first and most important safeguards for keeping sensitive data safe from malicious criminals. However, many use identical credentials for all of their accounts or fail to ever update these phrases, making them a prime target […]

PayPal phishing

Yesterday, I have received an email from PayPal – at least it appeared so at first glance – about limiting my PayPal account and that the PayPal system detected unusual charges to a credit card linked to my PayPal account. Since I found out immediately that it is a phishing email, I want to share […]

Personal Password Security and the Gawker Hack

Yet another password hacking exploit highlights the question ‘how can I protect myself?’ The hack of Gawker (operator of technology sites Lifehacker, Jezebel, Gizmodo, Gawker, Kotaku, Deadspin, io9, Jalopnik and Fleshbot) servers exposed over 1.3 million accounts earlier this week and again brought attention to the vulnerability of even reputable websites. The security breach uncovered […]

Protecting yourself against hackers of all sorts

Now that security professionals are talking about hacking cars, home security systems, and digital cameras, you’re probably wondering if there is anything that is safe from hackers. At least your home appliances are safe – right?! Well, no. Now, even your high-tech blender is a potential risk. The goal of the hacker isn’t always to […]

A brief history of hacking

Check out this abridged history of hacking. The history of mankind: there is always someone out there who is interested in getting access to other people’s ‘stuff’. While many of the examples given in the post focus on government systems, that’s not the rule. Breaking into a military system is always a thrill (and embarrassment […]