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So It’s Okay Then?

We pounced on the link as soon as we saw the headline: Admit it, You Don’t Care About Digital Privacy. By now, it’s almost intuitive that most people really don’t care that much about their privacy online. It’s not that they want someone snooping on them or knowing everything about them, but privacy is hard […]

Australian Govt Saying No To Privacy

The Australian Attorney-General’s office is pushing forward a new bill that would force individuals and service providers to decode any data intercepted them. In effect, suspects would be legally forced to incriminate themselves. Internet and other providers would be legally forced to reveal encrypted data their clients had thought was secure. And just as important, […]

‘Go further’ Ford goes too far

‘We know everyone who breaks the law.’ At first glance, the statement almost sounds reasonable – doesn’t it? After all, we all want the bad guys who break the law to be caught and punished accordingly. But something doesn’t seem right. It has a bit of a sci-fi ring to it; something we’d expect to […]

NSA Monitors Virtual Worlds, Too

It makes sense. If the NSA and other spy agencies are monitoring all communication around our world, then it was just a matter of time before they started checking out other worlds: the wild and wonderful worlds of online gaming. Or, maybe it started the other way round. In any case, the agency spies are […]