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The Ins and Outs of Scams

One of our favorite movies is The Sting (starring Paul Newman as Gondorff, Robert Redford as Johnny Hooker and Robert Shaw as the bad guy, Doyle Lonnegan). In the movie, Hooker and Gondorff team up to get even with Lonnegan after his gang killed Hooker’s partner. They craft a complicated con game to get even […]

Ubisoft to Customers Following Data Security Breach: “Change your password”

Gaming company Ubisoft urged its customers to change their passwords yesterday, following a security breach that exposed encrypted passwords, usernames and user email addresses. Ubisoft, the third-largest gaming company in the United States and Europe, said that it reacted instantly to close the breach and that no financial information had been accessed, but nonetheless encouraged users […]

The Cost of Identity Theft

Consumers who fail to practice effective online security may quickly find themselves victims of identity theft. Passwords are one of the first and most important safeguards for keeping sensitive data safe from malicious criminals. However, many use identical credentials for all of their accounts or fail to ever update these phrases, making them a prime target […]

Personal Password Security and the Gawker Hack

Yet another password hacking exploit highlights the question ‘how can I protect myself?’ The hack of Gawker (operator of technology sites Lifehacker, Jezebel, Gizmodo, Gawker, Kotaku, Deadspin, io9, Jalopnik and Fleshbot) servers exposed over 1.3 million accounts earlier this week and again brought attention to the vulnerability of even reputable websites. The security breach uncovered […]

Facebook and your privacy online

Facebook is in the headlines again today. The reason, as usual, concerns privacy and the personal data of facebook users. A man named Ron Bowes used a program to scan facebook and collect personal data from user accounts. The catch this time is that the personal data was all publicly available under each user’s profile. […]

Not so secret secrets that will keep you safe online

Good article on security ‘secrets’ that will help keep you safe. Start at the end and move to the beginning. The advice about knowing what programs you use and making sure that they are up to date is easy and huge, HUGE – really big! – in keeping you safe. This applies to programs and your […]

Back to basics – protecting yourself online

Basic advice for staying safe while staying connected on vacation. Actually – it’s very good advice for your everyday usage, also! As with the great majority of advice you’ll see here, or on the Sticky Password facebook page or stuff that we link to, you’ll notice that most of this involves common sense. Two big […]

Security is manageable – passwords and more

Your security online is made up of little things that each and every one of us CAN manage. Much of protecting yourself involves paying attention and being aware of what you are doing when using your computer. Even the settings that you use for your computer and security programs are designed to allow you to […]

A brief history of hacking

Check out this abridged history of hacking. The history of mankind: there is always someone out there who is interested in getting access to other people’s ‘stuff’. While many of the examples given in the post focus on government systems, that’s not the rule. Breaking into a military system is always a thrill (and embarrassment […]

Passwords, personal data and Identity Finder

Here in Essex County, New Jersey, the county is promoting the annual computer and electronics recycling day (this Saturday, May 15), so when I saw the article about Identity Finder on, I was in the right mindset to appreciate the problem. What’s the problem? Your computer can end up in the strangest places. Your […]