It was a good weekend – except for the cold or flu or whatever it is that has me incapacitated since Saturday afternoon. (How am I supposed to enjoy play off football when I’m not feeling well!?)

Earlier in the morning on Saturday, I ran into my friend the ice cream man at the crowded grocery store. Our wives were gathering in the isles while the men folk tried to look manly with nothing to hunt and only orders to follow.

Anyway, he came up to me all happy and said that everything was great! I looked at him and didn’t really register what he meant. “You remember,” he said, “ you told me to try Sticky Password.” Now I remembered. (see blog entry of December 15)

“I was really skeptical at the beginning. I thought that it was going to be another piece of software on my computer that would never get used. On top of that, I thought that I only had a couple of password accounts, so I didn’t think that I needed a password manager.”He went on: “I started using it and I found out that I have 37 password accounts. I had no idea! And all I have to remember is one. And the form filling stuff is cool! I’ve got my business info separate from my personal stuff and I get through stuff with just one click. Thanks – it’s really great!”

I told him to let me know when the trial ran out and that I would see about getting him a special deal on the license. He said that he bought 2 licenses the first week after he started using it: one for himself and one for his daughter at college.

As we were saying goodbye, I asked whether he still used the names of his favorite flavors as his passwords. He laughed and said that neither he nor Sticky Password would ever tell!

Peter L