In previous tutorials, I’ve shown you how Sticky Password can automatically fill in your credentials for your favorite websites and log you in automatically. You can also use Sticky Password for your favorite programs and applications like Skype. In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how add a new application account for Skype.


Adding Skype to your App Accounts

Launch the Skype login dialog. (Be sure that you are not logged in.) In the upper right corner click the Sticky Password Caption button and select Add Account.

In the Sticky Password dialog that opens up, enter your Skype Name in the Login field, and your Password.
Click Add.2-blog-using-sticky-password-with-skype-step2-add-account
You’ve just saved your Skype login as an App Account! In our example, the account uses the login johnsmith. Your new App Account is now securely stored in Sticky Password.

Running Skype

Once you’ve saved your Skype account in Sticky Password, you have 3 easy options to launch Skype:

  • From your desktop. Double-click on the Skype icon. Sticky Password (make sure you’re logged in!) will recognize Skype and automatically fill in your credentials (Skype Name and password) and log you in.
  • From the App Accounts section in Sticky Password.
    • Right-click the Sticky Password icon in the systray in the notification area in the lower right corner and select Open Sticky Password.3-blog-using-sticky-password-with-skype-step3-systray
    • Click App Accounts in the left panel. Select your Skype account and click Launch.4-blog-using-sticky-password-with-skype-step4-launch
  • From the Sticky Password systray menu. For quick access, I recommend adding your Skype account to your Favorites (I show you how in this tutorial. See the tutorial). Then just right click the Sticky Password icon in the systray in the lower right corner and select Skype from your Favorites list.5-blog-using-sticky-password-with-skype-step5-favorites

Congratulations, you have just created an App Account for Skype, and now you know how to run it! From now on, you’ll be logging in to Skype faster and safer.