Install Sticky Password in Safari

  • Your download of the Sticky Password extension for Safari
    should finish within seconds.
    If not, restart the download.
  • 1. Go to Downloads

    Double-click the downloaded file StickyPassword.safariextz
    in your browser's download list.
    Alternatively, the file can be found in your Downloads folder.

  • 2. Confirm the installation

    To confirm the installation, click the Trust button when prompted by Safari.

  • 3. Check the toolbar

    Do you see the Sticky Password icon in the browser's toolbar? Then you're good!

    If you don’t see the Sticky Password icon in the toolbar, click Safari > Preferences in the menu and then go to the Extensions tab. Make sure the Sticky Password extension is listed, and that the relevant check box is checked.
    If you don’t see the extension listed, retry from step 1.