Suggestion to give offline some love

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Suggestion to give offline some love

Post by Angel » Fri May 16, 2014 9:42 pm

For those rare of us left in this world that like to keep secure data encrypted and in house... could I request a change in your licensing for your offline version?

Currently those of us that are techie enough to use your product, are most likely to have more than one computer in their house. I have 3 computers in my house. Given your licensing formulation you currently have for the offline version, I would owe $60 USD to get all my computers legally licensed. I know there's a workaround hack so that I only need to pay the $30 USD instead but that's illegitimate and breaking the rules. How about a licensing model that is based on the databases instead? 1 database for 1 user... that'll be $29.99 USD for unlimited computers. 2 database for 2 users (husband and wife)... that'll be $49.99 USD for unlimted computers. So on and so forth for kids/grandparents/etc.

I would think this licensing model would not negatively affect your biggest proponent for word of mouth sales. IT professionals are looked to for tech advice at EVERY company in this world and the vast majority of those individuals have more than one computer in their home. The good ones at least. Show them some love and I'm sure the feeling will go the other way too.

Mobile support? Enough said.

To gain offline mobile support, an option to import from a dropbox stored database or some other cloud service would be nice instead of needing to manually sync the computer to itunes and drag the file over to itunes. Currently a mobile apps for KeePass has this functionality (MiniKeePass, iKeePass, etc).

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Re: Suggestion to give offline some love

Post by ondrej.novak » Mon May 19, 2014 10:39 am

Hi Angel,

thank you for your post.

New version Sticky Password 7 offers two products:

1) Sticky Password 7 (online) includes online synchronization for PC/Android/iOS. The license is annual and per user (it covers all your devices).

2) Sticky Password 7 Desktop license doesn´t include synchronization, valid for Sticky Password 7 and it´s per computer.

Basically what you request from the Desktop license is the licensing of the online version. The Desktop version is licensed per computer (same like previous versions).

If you already have a license for a previous version, you have a possibility to upgrade to a Sticky Password 7 Desktop license for 3 computers for 35.99 USD.

The online version is cheaper and cover all your devices but the license is annual. That´s why the price of a Desktop license is a little bit higher. As my colleague replied you on Facebook, we are now discussing the licensing in our team, so thank you for your suggestions.

Regarding the mobile apps, we currently support Android and iOS platforms. These apps are free, only if you would like to sync them automatically, you need a Sticky Password 7 online license. Or they can be synced manually with the Desktop version, as you wrote. At this time we don´t plan to include synchronization through some other cloud service with the Desktop version. We have the online version for that. But maybe we will add it in the future.

Best regards,
Ondrej Novak
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