Wait with the synchronizing till I'm done editing!

Wait with the synchronizing till I'm done editing!

Postby SamFerdinand » Sun May 25, 2014 6:42 pm

Sticky Password 7 desktop

So freakingly vexing (I call it a bug) in your elsewise great software:
Whatever small change I make in the database, if I don't hurry and close the window or finish the editing, it will literally freeze everything I try to do while the "SYNCHRONIZING" text blazes in a box in the middle of the screen.
Why can it not wait until I close the window, or do it more silent-like?
Exept from that, it is of course good that it synchronize frequently.

For everyone else reading this, please leave whatever short comment/reply so the developers can see that this is in fact annoying for the users!

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