Help with configuration

Please post here questions and problems with filling forms and account details on websites.
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Help with configuration

Post by rowan.bradley » Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:43 pm

I'm getting towards the trial period of Sticky Passwords, and I'm having difficulty getting it to work properly on various web sites. The documentation that I've found does not seem to help much.
  1. Sometimes it seems to fill in the username and password, but fail to click the "Login" button. It does this when trying to log into this forum. How do I get it to click the Login button?
  2. If I've got a web site where there are a number of different pages or sections (i.e. directory sub-trees), each of which requires a different login, how do I create these as different accounts, each with their own username/password details, and get Sticky to log in automatically when I access the page, or any page in the directory sub-tree? It often seems to use the wrong account details. The user guide does not seem to correspond to the software I've got, and confusingly calls what I would call a web page a web site.
  3. I do n;t really understand what a "Link" is. Is this to do with Sticky recognising which web site/page you have just browsed to, or is it only to determine where to go when I click the link icon in the database screen?
  4. I see from a backup of the database that Sticky has remembered some URLs with long cryptic identifier strings in them. For example the link for this forum is Other web sites such as PayPal do similar things. I imagine that the long hex string changes every time I access the site. Should this be stored in Sticky's database? What effect will this have?
I hope someone can help with these, or tell me where to find the right instructions.

Thanks - Rowan

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Re: Help with configuration

Post by ondrej.novak » Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:25 pm

Hi Rowan,

thank you for your questions.

Which version of Sticky Password is installed on your PC please?

Regarding the question 1)

You can set this option following these steps:
1) Click on the Sticky Password system tray icon and select Manage Database.
2) Choose the account you want and press Edit button.
3) In the account setting window select the tab Links
4) Set this option by checking/unchecking the "Automatically activate Account after loading" check box

Regarding the question 2)
Could you please send me the URL of such site? Generally this type of sites can be handled using the "Manual Form edit" feature.

1) click on the Sticky Password system tray icon and select Manage Database from the menu
2) select the account that you would like to edit
3) select "Edit“ (from the menu at the top of the Manage account window)
4) in the Edit account window choose "Manual form edit“ (from the menu on the left side of the window)
5) click on "Edit form fields“ option to open the Edit form and load the website of the Account
(NOTE: it may take a few moments for the website to load, please be patient)

The Edit form will open in a new Sticky Password window. Your web-page will be displayed in the bottom half of the window. The top half of the window shows the active fields on the web-page that require data entry. Here you will be able to select the behavior of the fields. Fields for which Sticky Password will populate data are shown with a 'check' mark.

By 'checking' or 'un-checking' one of the fields, you are able to manually change the 'value' that you would like Sticky Password to populate each time the web-page is accessed.

Regarding the question 3)
I think that I don´t understand you right. Could you please specify this question?

Regarding the question 4)
If the string changes every time, Sticky Password can also handle this. Learn more about this option at: ... _17761.htm
Ondrej Novak
Sticky Password Team


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