Hattrick error

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Hattrick error

Post by NubCake » Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:15 pm


I'm playing a browser game named Hattrick (http://www.hattrick.org) and ofcourse i use Sticky Password to save my password there, so no problem there, but there is a problem i dont understand where i go to Inbox on hattrick page, heres what happens, no idea why, but this happens only on inbox page, every other tab on hattrick is cool:
Everytime i go in Inbox page, the whole firefox freezes for like 1 minute and then i get this image:

(I'm using Foxtrick (http://www.ht-foxtrick.com/forum/portal.php) addon for Hattrick)
I can translate a few things on what it says: Script stopped working or it doesnt respond and then you have option to "Stop the Script" or "Continue with it", if you choose "stop the script" it doesnt help, i get the error again, same with the other option, its kinda annoying :s any way to fix this?

The thing is this happens only when i have both addons turned on, if i disable eather one of them everything works great, i already typed to FoxTrick and they said this is not their problem, because if it would be their script it would type -> chrome://foxtrick/...

It's kinda annoying cuz everytime i wanna send or get an massege i must disable one of the addons, restart Firefox, read the massege, turn on addon and restart firefox again and if i forget i need to wait 1 minute till i get the error massege.

Any idea why this is happening? :s

PS: This is happening with new version and the old one too ( and probably all other :mrgreen:


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Re: Hattrick error

Post by aleksandr.voloshko » Thu Jul 15, 2010 3:37 pm

Thank you for this information.
Please send this message to the Sticky Password support team through this form http://www.stickypassword.com/en/support.
We will inform you about any news with this issue.

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