Problem with Firefox 18

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Problem with Firefox 18

Post by Loopins » Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:54 am


Since upgrading to Firefox 18 it's constantly crashing and locking up. Without any addons enabled and just the sticky password on I have this problem. I know its nothing else as I've removed the sticky password addon and the problem disappears.

Basically (like this form and I just crashed out on your own site) the memory ticks up constantly (and very quickly) and I need to end task on firefox in order to fix the issue before it crashes my PC totally (out of memory).

It also happened at this site when I registered just now and tried to log in.. and also this site when I "tweet".

I hope you can fix it soon.


System info:

Sticky Password Info
Sticky Password version: FULL
Registration code: c8c7ea595d9ab5b9f8ca79afd58bd039
Database file name: E:\Sticky Password\GAMDESK.pws
Database backup path: E:\Sticky Password\
Database Encryption Parameters: Sticky Password, Sapphire II, 8192 bits

Sticky Password Common Settings
Language: English

Application Files
stpass.exe 2.77 MB 15/11/2012 09:54:12
spCapBtn.dll 1.76 MB 15/11/2012 09:53:22
spPCAct.dll 551.37 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:24
spIEBho.dll 1.09 MB 15/11/2012 09:52:58
npspAutofill.dll 619.87 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:00
spportablerun.exe 600.37 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:26
BtfToWd.dll 328.00 KB 17/05/2012 15:08:14
btwapi.dll 496.00 KB 17/05/2012 15:08:12
unzip32.dll 100.00 KB 17/05/2012 15:08:14
stpass.CSY 982.50 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:56
stpass.ENU 973.50 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:54
stpass.FR 1 000.50 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:56
stpass.DE 997.00 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:56
stpass.RUS 1 005.50 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:54
stpass.ES 993.00 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:56
Language\stpass.CSY.lng 107.73 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:52
Language\stpass.ntv.lng 102.08 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:52
Language\stpass.ENU.lng 100.74 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:52
Language\stpass.FR.lng 111.31 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:54
Language\stpass.DE.lng 111.44 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:52
Language\stpass.RUS.lng 107.26 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:54
Language\stpass.ES.lng 108.61 KB 15/11/2012 09:53:54

Running Processes
CB C:\Program Files (x86)\Sticky Password\stpass.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
CB C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\SkyDrive\SkyDrive.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dyn Updater\DynTray.exe
CB C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Local\CloudStation\bin\cloud.exe
CB C:\Program Files (x86)\Mamutu\mamutu.exe
CB C:\Program Files (x86)\EASEUS\Todo Backup\bin\EuWatch.exe
CB BHO C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
CB C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\plugin-container.exe
CB C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\FlashPlayerPlugin_11_5_502_146.exe
CB C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\FlashPlayerPlugin_11_5_502_146.exe

Autofill Plugins

Windows Internet Explorer
WebBrowserExists: True
WebBrowserModuleFileName: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
Version: 9.0.8112.16457
Installed add-ons:

Name: Adobe PDF Helper for Internet Explorer
Company: Adobe Systems Incorporated

Name: Adobe PDF Toolbar for Internet Explorer
Company: Adobe Systems Incorporated

Name: Adobe PDF Toolbar for Internet Explorer
Company: Adobe Systems Incorporated

Name: Flashget CatchUrl Module

Name: Flashget GetFlash Module

Name: Java(TM) Platform SE binary
Company: Oracle Corporation

Name: Orbitcth

Name: WindowsLiveLogin.dll
Version: 5.0.818.5
Company: Microsoft Corporation

Mozilla Firefox
WebBrowserExists: True
WebBrowserModuleFileName: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
AutoInstalledState: True
ManualInstalledState: False
InstalledPluginInfo.UserDisabled: No
InstalledPluginInfo.AppDisabled: No
Installed add-ons:

Name: Add to Transmission
Version: 1.2
Description: Easily add torrents to Transmission
Company: Andreas Johansson

Name: Adobe Acrobat - Create PDF
Version: 1.2
Description: Converts a web page to PDF
Company: Adobe Systems Incorporated

Name: British English Dictionary
Version: 1.19.1

Name: DownThemAll!
Version: 2.0.15
Description: The mass downloader for Firefox
Company: Federico Parodi, Stefano Verna, Nils Maier

Name: Download Statusbar
Version: 0.9.10
Description: View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar
Company: Download Statusbar

Name: DownloadHelper
Version: 4.9.13
Description: Download videos and images from many sites
Company: Michel Gutierrez

Name: FireShot
Version: 0.98.28
Description: Adds the ability to take a screenshot of the page, edit it and save, copy to clipboard, send to external editor or e-mail it
Company: Eugene G. Suslikov

Name: ImTranslator
Version: 5.0.3
Description: Starts Smart Link Translator via right-click or Tools menu
Company: Smart Link Corporation

Name: Print Edit
Version: 8.9
Description: Print preview with integrated edit capability
Company: DW-dev

Name: RightToClick
Version: 2.9.4
Description: Allows right clicks, highlighting and more where forbidden by javascript
Company: NettiCat

Name: Sticky Password Autofill Engine
Description: Autofill web-pages with stored passwords in Sticky Password
Company: Sticky Password developers

Name: Tab Mix Plus
Description: Tab browsing with an added boost
Company: ONEMEN (

WebBrowserExists: True
WebBrowserModuleFileName: C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\opera.exe
Version: 12.2.1578.0

Google Chrome
WebBrowserExists: True
WebBrowserModuleFileName: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
Installed add-ons:

Name: Google Translate
Version: 1.2.4
Description: This extension translates entire webpages into a language of your choice with one click

Name: __MSG_appName__
Version: 5.2.7
Description: __MSG_appDesc__

Name: __MSG_themeName__
Version: 3

OS Info
Local language: English (United Kingdom)
Local country: United Kingdom
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 6.00.6002 Service Pack 2 (x64)
Administrative rights: True
UAC Enabled: True
Elevation Type: Limited

Log Info:
12.01.2013 15:34:23.303 [ACTIVITY_LOG] Info (10005) Application start
12.01.2013 15:34:25.767 [ACTIVITY_LOG] Info (10000) TspSettings.DoLoadSettings() DatabaseFileName=<E:\Sticky Password\GAMDESK.pws> spDefaultDatabaseFileName=<C:\Users\%UserName%\Documents\Sticky Passwords\default.pws>
12.01.2013 15:34:41.242 [ACTIVITY_LOG] Info (10000) Manual un-locking
12.01.2013 15:39:20.349 [ACTIVITY_LOG] Info (10000) Manual un-locking

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Re: Problem with Firefox 18

Post by petr.pinkas » Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:42 am

We are very sorry about that, currently our developers are working on a fix for this issue and we should be ready to release the update for this soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

If you have any specific steps on when does it crash except of those you have stated, please let us know. Seems like it is very random.
Petr Pinkas
Sticky Password Team


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