How many passwords can I store in Sticky Password FREE?

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How many passwords can I store in Sticky Password FREE?

Postby ondrej.novak » Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:17 pm

Sticky Password FREE allows you to actively use 15 password accounts. Your 15 active password accounts will support all of the functionality supported for that site or application (e.g. linking to the account, autofill, change password, and more).

Sticky Password FREE can import and store all of your passwords, however all of the passwords above 15 will remain inactive and will be read-only. You will be prompted to select your 15 active accounts when importing passwords. Inactive password accounts in Sticky Password FREE cannot be changed. Inactive accounts can be deleted.

While importing passwords can be done at any time, it is not possible to manually enter any password accounts when the limit of 15 password accounts has been reached in Sticky Password FREE.
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