How can I synchronize my database with iPhone?

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How can I synchronize my database with iPhone?

Postby petr.pinkas » Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:32 pm

1. Export your current database from desktop version:

a) Open Manage Database dialog and click "Export"
b) Select "Export entire database" and click "Next"
c) Select "Secure encrypted export for iPhone" and click "Next"
d) Define Master Password for your iPhone version and click "Next" (Use only Latin alpha-numeric symbols for your password as your iPhone wouldn't accept any "special" characters)
e) Select destination for the exported file and click "Next"

2. Import your database into iTunes

a) Open iTunes and select iPhone in the Devices list
b) Click Apps at the top of the screen
c) In the File Sharing section, select Sticky Pass
d) Drag & Drop your database to the Documents section or click Add under the Sticky Pass Documents section and select the exported database file. Click "Open"

3. Launch Sticky Password on your iPhone

a) Select Sticky Password icon on your iPhone's desktop
b) Enter your Master Password you have defined before

4. You are ready to use Sticky Password on your iPhone device.
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