how to get Manual Form Edit to work for website

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how to get Manual Form Edit to work for website

Post by classykeys » Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:27 am

Newbie here on this forum. I'm currently using SP6.0.16.478 and alternate between Chrome & IE11 on a Win7 desktop. I've been using SP for a few years now and am mostly pleased with it. Admittedly, I'm not an SP power user, so perhaps this will be easy-peasie for y'all.

Here's my issue: I had the website working with 9 different logins setup in the SP account. I remember using the Manual Form Edit feature years ago to enable SP to work. A few weeks ago, the fields no longer populate on the site AND the majority of the information for the logins of this one account are no longer viewable in SP!

I login to this website every month to make my client's payroll tax payments. Luckily I've saved all of their EIN, PIN and internet passwords for this site in Excel. I can't get the Manual Form Edit to work. I've struggled for hours to no avail, so I'm reaching out here in this forum.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Re: how to get Manual Form Edit to work for websit

Post by classykeys » Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:35 am

Thank you for your reply. It has helped. I am now recreating the multiple logins for this account. There was no problem creating just one login. It's when creating multiple logins for the same website that issues arise.

1. Creating a second login for the same account: from the "more" dropdown box next to the EFTPS account, I am selecting "Add Login." From there, I can enter only Login, optional description (I'm using the name of business here) and Password. Then to click either Add or Cancel. I click Add. Then I must go back and double-click on the account again called EFTPS, select the login I just created, click Options, click Define settings manually, then enter the two value fields (the EIN number, parts 1 and 2), and the login and password again.

2. When selecting a login to launch, SP takes me to an EFTPS "session expired" page (even though I have chosen "specific web page of the link above" in the Tie Account to field). So, once I click on "home" box at the EFTPS site, and then click on the "make a payment" box, SP pops up with a "change password" dialog box, to which I select "cancel". Then, after all those steps, I'm logged in.

3. Also, once I have created multiple logins for this account, I am unable to view the "value" fields (the EIN number, parts 1 and 2) for any of them. Shouldn't I be able to see the values when double-clicking on the account, then selecting one of the logins, and clicking options, and define fields manually... instead, I get a blank screen.

I have lost confidence that SP will retain my passwords, so I've been keeping them in a separate Excel spreadsheet, which defeats the purpose of having SP in the first place. Aargh!

Surely, there must be a simpler way, but I'm not getting it. I appreciate any guidance you may have to offer.

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Re: how to get Manual Form Edit to work for websit

Post by ondrej.novak » Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:04 am


which web browser are you using please?

You are not able to find these logins in the database? Isn´t it possible that you deleted them by mistake? Could you try to delete the account from the database and then to add it once more?

I just tested it on Firefox with 1 test login and it seems to be working correctly. This is how i set it using the Manual Form Edit:

EIN (first part) set as Value
EIN (second part) set as Value
PIN set as Login
Internet password set as Password

Value has to be inserted directly in the Manual Form Edit window, Login and Password are set in the Edit account dialog.

Check attached screenshot.

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Re: how to get Manual Form Edit to work for websit

Post by spiderjutt » Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:36 am

I get a blank screen too..

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