Chrome Extension Crashing [Solved]

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Chrome Extension Crashing [Solved]

Post by chaosxian » Tue Nov 19, 2013 6:24 pm

I have daily crashes that are in some way related to the Chrome extension.

Occasionally I reach a login page which does not auto-populate UserID and Password. When I select the account name from the Chrome extension (notably it is present/pre-loaded when I click the extension icon), Chrome freezes for a few moments and then crashes.

When I restart Chrome, and restore tabs, I can then use the Sticky extension to fill the UserID/Password fields without crashing.

This only occurs on sites where I must retrieve the pre-loaded account name from the extension.

This commonly occurs for me here:

Win 8.1
Chrome 32

EDIT... the most recent version of Sticky seems to have resolved this... I haven't seen crashing in a week.

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