Subsequent page logins to page in same browser session

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Subsequent page logins to page in same browser session

Post by djwa » Sat Mar 03, 2012 11:49 am

1. Visit a site (URL), sticky password enters the login as designed.
2. Log off the site and close the browser tab (firefox) containing the site you logged into in step one. Do not close the browser itself.
3. Open a new tab, visit the same site from step 1, Sticky Password does not login, nor display the 'bubble'. I am now forced to manually visit the sticky password db and retrieve the user and password in order to proceed.

If I open the site in a new window (NOT NEW TAB) this issue does not arise, suggesting the browser cache may be involved.

Any Ideas?

--Andrew Curtis

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Re: Subsequent page logins to page in same browser session

Post by ondrej.novak » Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:25 pm


do you have these problems on all your sites?

Please try to click on the Caption Button (in the upper right corner of your browser) and to select the login from the menu while being on the site.

In order to assist us in resolving your issue, kindly send us the information included in the Sticky Password 'System info' file.

The System info file can be found by

1) Right-clicking on the Sticky Password icon in the System tray icon
2) Select Help
3) Click on "System info..."

A window will appear with the pertinent Sticky Password technical information that will be used to analyze your issue. NO passwords are included in this information! We do NOT know or collect any password information.

4) Click the Copy button and paste it in a response to this e-mail.
Ondrej Novak
Sticky Password Team


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