Want to change form RoboForm2Go 7 to StickyPassword Portable

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Want to change form RoboForm2Go 7 to StickyPassword Portable

Post by voiid » Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:28 am

Hey guys,

last night I straight bought 3 licenses of sticky passwords after reading excellent reviews about it.

I have a portable office, all apps running on an external hdd as I use not less than 3 pcs for my daily work

I run FireFox portable and opera Portable, I use windows 7 x64 an I also own a License of Roboform2Go 7 portable

But now I'm disappointed, Roboform seems to work with much less hassle than Sticky.

Example: I start my FireFox Portable and then Roboform2Go Portable ,roboform seamless integrates into FF after FF was already started, when I start sticky it forces me to shutdown FF at first before I'm able to use it in FF.

Also I always have to install the Sticky Plugin each time in FF, for every start.

Import of Opera Portable fails 100% first it doesn't find the right wand.dat location second when I copy wand .dat to C: where sticky expect it, (I've been using Sysinternals procmon to find the path) Sticky crashes on import.

Sticky can't either import RoboForm2Go portable PassCards, not on both ways ...

So ... that makes me really sad , because I expected Sticky to be better than RoboForm, but right now it isn't


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Re: Want to change form RoboForm2Go 7 to StickyPassword Port

Post by ondrej.novak » Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:11 am


we are sorry that you have these problems with Sticky Password. We will investigate it as soon as possible.

In order to assist us in resolving your issue, kindly send us the information included in the Sticky Password 'System info' file.

The System info file can be found by

1) Right-clicking on the Sticky Password icon in the System tray icon
2) Select Help
3) Click on "System info..."

A window will appear with the pertinent Sticky Password technical information that will be used to analyze your issue. NO passwords are included in this information! We do NOT know or collect any password information.

4) Click the Copy button and paste it in a response to this post.

Best regards,
Ondrej Novak
Sticky Password Team


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